Monday, December 13, 2010


"Everybody is a star
It don't matter who you are, no
Keep on reachin' for your dreams
'Cuz it ain't as crazy as it seems" 
[Black Eyed Peas single Own It]

IT was my plan to end this year with a bang, joining the 2nd Quezon City International Marathon, my retaliation  from the 34th Milo Marathon elims last July, my worst race todate. But what will  be the assurance that I could break my record?, that I can do better than my last 3 FMs? NO, its not the right time. I can do a back-to-back race but I will be disappointed if I won't hit my target time. Sa akin lang "ang big event, pinaghahandaan, hindi lang sabak ng sabak". I don't want to abuse myself running an ultramarathon, a week before a full marathon. I hate injuries. It is a race, I respect the distance and time, I value my body and soul, nevertheless not in my training program.

"mag-support ka na lang, wag ka ng tumakbo", doday. There I decided not to register for QCIM and instead support and cheer my friends running their pikermi : fm, where some are virgins. One of my goals as a runner is to support my kapwa runner. I want to put smile on them while agonizing to reach the finish line. A call of duty, not only as a runner, a friend but as a human being. Also, it is my way of paying it forward on the supports I received in my entire running career, from my team mates - Team CB,, marga (who did her 1st marathon - way to go margalicious) and those strangers who didn't bothered to take a stand in order to offer support.

It was last year when I joined support team in the Philippine International Marathon. "masarap magsupport, rewarding! parang naka-tapos ka rin ng marathon", I was neophyte then.
PIM 2009 - Buendia Aid Station
at ngayon, naulit muli, now lolo, a veteran.
QCIM 2010 - Team CB in Philcoa

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Meet Kulasa, My New Running Baby

confused, undecided. it's been a month since i am thinking of a birthday present to myself. i want a new time watch, a new pair of nike shoes, a north face bagpack to name a few. a lot of ideas is playing in my mind that invades my head like a raging waters. dami kong gusto but i want this material thing remarkable.

while searching for an articles and write-ups about the recent cebu ultramarathon, my browser redirected me to jacob ong's blog, the tsinelasrunner from cebu, an ultramarathoner. i was amazed how he finished the race wearing a pair of sandals. yes you heard it right, a pair of sandals! i made a comment on his blog and got a reply recommending me to try huarache, to run in barefoot feel. now i know what it's called. we started to exchange emails and later asked him to make a customized pair of huarache for me since i don't have any idea how to start it.

i received my new sandals 2 days ago, just in time for my bday!... 
my huarache fresh from cebu - signed, sealed and delivered
 ... and named her after the song tsinelas by yano

kai huarache by mr jacob ong took me 20 minutes learning to tie it, whew!...
giving it a try
and now its time for me to break-in! :)

thanks sir jacob for introducing this wonderful tsinelas, hope this will work out for me!

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kai running sandals, tying method 
huarache, trimming the excess

Friday, December 03, 2010

An Interview with the Grumpy on 1st Cebu Ultramarathon

EARL QUERO, also known as LoLo had recently finished his third ultramarathon 50K race last Saturday, November 27, 2010 in Mt. Manunggal, Balamban, Cebu. He took up running two years ago after getting weary in doing gym workouts. He is not a keen sportsman thus running seemed like an apparent choice for him which he enjoy. Also, it is part of his adventure in exploring the Philippine Island. Yes, for the love of travel.
LoLo, took the time to talk about his adventure with the successful 1st Cebu Ultramarathon, Cebu.

Casper: What's up?
LoLo: I'm doing good. It seems that I can moderately move my legs now, better than the other day.  Not a  walking robot anymore. But I still have a slight pain in my ankle, quads and singit. I cursed using the stairs for 3 days.

Casper: How's your Cebu Ultramarathon?
LoLo: It was fun and tiring. So far, the toughest 50K route. I was really surprised! Mt. Manunggal killer hills pinned me down. The race started late. Almost 25 minutes from the advised gun start. But I enjoyed it. A simple program and photo-opt held at Magsaysay crash site before the race start.

Casper: How will you describe the route?
LoLo: Challenging! more than I expected. I thought it has the same elevation as Tanay but I was wrong, steep uphills and downhills. The first 15K eaten-up my energy. It was a heaven and hell. I appreciated the sceneries, great mountain views. Also, I experienced here running above the clouds, winner!. The last 8K was purely gradual downhill but too late to recover. The sun was up, so talo pa rin. Cebuanos are lucky for having Mt. Manunggal, It is a gift!

Casper: Who's with you by the way?
LoLo: I'm with my fellow ultrarunners. Doc Sherwin, Ronald, Rod, E77en, Lorie and Tayet. We all finish the race except for Lorie and Tayet who need to catch-up with their late afternoon flight back to Manila.
e77en, tayet, lorie, me, doc sherwin, ronald and edward ting
the sunrise
Casper: How did you feel during the race?
LoLo: As always, I am excited and nervous, same feeling with those who is about to experience their first ultramarathon. It was my first time to run a long distance race without (vehicle) support. I looked it as a personal challenge. I am prepared but I set on my mind to ask help to others if needed. I have bottled water and gatorade and foods that will feed my hunger anytime. Last minute, I decided not to use my hydra bladder to maximize and measure my fluid intake. 
I started good in an easy and steady pace. I walk on the uphills same with the steep downhills. It is a must in doing an ultra distance race. I managed not to force my quads and knees in the first half. I ran back to back with Ronald, the VFF king of the road. When we reached Km 25, I asked him to go ahead,  I can't run anymore because of the stomach cramps which infiltrated me. If I want to take a break, I stop and buy my fav soda in the stores along the road. I was already tired and exhausted when I reached Km 30, I'm thinking of not finishing the race and declaring  myself DNF. 
team ungo ultrasupporters
Still a long long way to go. 20K is 20K! My energy regains everytime I pass by the UNGO aid station. Their cheers keep me going and motivated. They offered drinks and snacks. Like Team CB and support group, taas ng energy. The last 8K is gradual downhill but I didn't push too hard, chillax lang as long as I finish the race within 8 hours time.
Casper: What's inside you bag?
LoLo: bottled water, gatorade, 3 hammer gels, 1 pack salt capsule, knick knacks chocolate biscuit, nature valley energy bar, vienna sausage for my lunch, team cb singlet, extra socks, phone and wallet.

Casper: Do you have nutrition plans? Any pre-ultramarathon rituals?
LoLo: Avoid trying anything new. Normal carboloading with friends, its fun! and hydrate your body well. Enough sleep is recommended, though it is hard to do it.

Casper: What did you feel after the race?
LoLo: Hungry

Casper: Any Cebu Ultramarathon highlights?
LoLo: A lot of course. The route, the people I've met along the road, the lady runner whom I handed my water after learning that she was exhausted and about collapse but overtook me before crossing the finishline, the cheers of UNGO support crews, my ultra-friends who's been with me the night and after, the capitol, the barefootrunners, the finisher's memorabilia, the shirt, the fun, the hardship and victory

huarache and vff
Casper: Would you let me do it?
LoLo: No, ghost in an ultramarathon?

Casper: What will be your next ultramarathon race?
LoLo: BDM102
bataan death march 102 ultramarathon

Casper: Any people that you'd like to thank?
LoLo: My family for continuously believing in me, Doc Sherwin for sharing his room, Ronald and Chlaire for the support and taking us to Mt. Manunggal, ultrarunners e77en, Rod, Lorie and Tayet, wuhoo! great to see you at the startline, Team UNGO for the cheers and waters and to all and team cb friends for the good-lucks and congrats, I really really appreciate it.
rod, me, doc sherwin and ronald
Casper: Is there anything else you would like to add?
LoLo: Congrats to all finishers who conquered Mt. Manunggal especially to the virgins no, welcome to the ultrarunning world and to Frontrunner, Jonel Mendoza, for the successful 1st Cebu Ultramarathon, it was a FUN FUN FUN run.

*all pics were grabbed from ronald, james l go, yendys delos reyes, joel pascual, irene vildisola

Sunday, October 31, 2010

TEAM CB on Blog

a year ago, a not so serious running group was formed, accidentally named under cherry bautista who happens to be the only sea nymph, among the three mermen, "the argonaut", "the artist" and "the gramps" training for condura marathon 2010.
the founders
a month after, a force recruitment was happened. running friends who are closed to our heart were invited for a 7.5k race challenge which was successfully held in tiendesitas, now known as the "team cb's home court".
team cb 7.5k challenge, january 7, 2010
the group continues to grow and grow. new members have joined, declaring that they are part of the team. yes, we don't recriut, "ikaw ang magsabing team cb ka".
team singlet launch w/ freshmen, september 2010
some of the members were engaged in different multi-disciplinary sports such as ultramarathon, aquathlon, duathlon and triathlon. others remain as they were. silencer, cheerer, photographer. thus, team's effort to train together exists. play and work is the key why the group keeps on going.

few weeks ago, launched their "write-ups about running groups". this is where they feature a running group here in the philippines on their blog. whew! lucky enough that my team, Team CB was second in the row. thru the effort of argo and mardiol, Team CB history 101 has been FINALLY documented.

check for the buzz behind the name TEAM CB !
acknowledgment to for recognizing the team. maraming salamat!and GodSpeed!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Grand Fiesta Run 2010

Test your mettle on the race track this November 28 at the Grand Fiesta Run 2010. Part of the Grand Fiesta Manila 2010 celebration, this event showcases early morning fitness festivities at Resorts World Manila.
Have a fab time in the 3K, 5K and 10K race categories and heat up your soles at the new race route at Newport City. Fun runners can join the 1K Rat Race, amp up the challenge by coming in their in their office attire or most colorful, fiesta-inspired outfits and get the chance to bring home exciting prizes.

Join the race and get a chance to win in the raffle for a three-day, two-night trip for four to Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore, with complimentary tickets to Universal Studios. The lucky jetsetters will be flying aboard Resorts World Manila’s private jet.

10K P650 5:00 a.m. 6:00 a.m.
5K P650 5:00 a.m. 6:05 a.m.
3K P650 5:00 a.m. 6:10 a.m.
1K P650 5:00 a.m. 7:15 a.m.

Race Date: Sunday, November 28, 2010
Registration: October 27 to November 22, 2010
Registration areas:
Resorts World Manila;
Chris Sports branches at SM Mall of Asia, SM Mega Mall and Glorietta; and
R.O.X., Bonifacio High Street.

Sign up and suit up for Grand Fiesta Run 2010 and race your way to a relaxing getaway at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore!

For registration inquiries and delivery of race kits, call WWWExpress at 793-1777 or 852-7210.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Men's Health Urbanathlon & Festival 2010

URBANATHLON [ur-buhn-ath-luhn] (n) - from the words urban (cities) + (dec)athlon (which is commonly used to combine a multi-disciplinary sports). It is a multi-stage of race that involves running, jumping, crawling, skipping, climbing and having a lot fun being held in the metro.(lolo's definition few minutes ago).

October 11, 1415h. I received a message from a good friend, Argo  that he endorsed me to Georgia of Summit Media to be part of the Men's Health Urbanthlon 2010 Bloggers' night. I was surprised because I have never attempted to write anything about the upcoming race events neither promote my blog. I seldom sync it in my fb account

October 11, 1746h. Got an email to confirm my attendance, nice! free race kit baby. It made me sing, And I say, "Yes, I feel wonderful tonight." - Eric Clapton.

October 13, 1900h. The bloggers' conference dinner was held at Itallani's BHS at The Fort. Great to see my fellow runner friends which I haven't seen for a month. Crossed-over w/ Ms. Donna Fuentes, project manager of the said event, which I learned that she was my high school-mate. Wow, I am mr. popular, aren't I?.


I registered for a 5k race last year but failed to join as I got an emergency call from the office. Heard great reviews from my friends who joined the race. Now, it's time for me to experience it.
men's health urbanathlon 2010
Men's Health Urbanathlon & Festival is an International event of Men's Health Magazine held annually. A city-based multi-disciplinary race for intermediate runners, crossing different obstacles with different intensity along the race course.

The event will be held on November 7, 2010, Sunday, 0500h at the Bonifacio Global City, Taguig with more than 1,000 expected participants.

According to summit media, media relations division, the Men's Health Urbanthlon 2010 added 3 (three) obstacles. These includes the Scaffolding Maze, Balance Beam and Tire Dump. Time penalties will be given to those who will skip the obstacle course.

Moreso, there will be a finishers medal for 10K race category.

Men's Health Philippines will also launch the Men's Health Coach bookazine in the said event.
men's health coach

Ready to take the challenge? Register NOW! Registration period is from September 28 - October 26, 2010. Registration fee for the all the race distance / category is Php500.00. Race kit includes the race bib, race shirt and Men's Health magazine
the race kit
You may visit the following registration centers:

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Tel. no. (02) 856-4638

360 Fitness Club
Ortigas Center, Pasig City.
Tel. no. (02) 577-7807

Summit Publishing Office
Robinsons Cybergate Tower 3 Robinsons Pioneer Complex,
Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City
Trunkline: (02) 451-8888 local 1070/1071

For more information, visit

See you folks!

*pictures courtesy of summit media

Friday, September 03, 2010

Ang Pagtutuos...PAU "65k++ Ilocos Norte" Run - P2P

"hanggang pagudpud pala tatakbuhin niyo, malayo pa pero kaya niyo yan?"  wika ng isang kapwa ko ilocano sa kahabaan ng provincial highway ng ilocos norte (burgos, ilocos norte)
ang kasama ko sa buong takbo...
Maiintindihan ko kung sabihan man ako ng isang ordinaryong mamamayan na nababaliw o wala sa katinuan kung bakit ako tatakbo ng milya-milya...para saan? para kanino?..ako din, walang konkretong dahilan...maaring enjoy lang, trip lang sabi nga ng iba o kaya im just doing it out of passion...
lakbay lakay by rod apolinario
Ilang araw matapos ang 1st PAU 50K Tanay, napaisip ako, bakit di ko gawing paraan ang pagtakbo sa aking apostulate tulad ng ginagawa ng iba?...enjoy naman ako, parte na ng buhay ko ang pagtakbo, adik na ako dito at mas magkakaroon na ng saysay ang bawat hakbang na gagawin ko kung may direksyon ito...kinausap ko ang aking magulang na tulungan ako na humanap ng mga taong magbibigay ng pledges, swerte at may mga naniwala at nagtiwala...ang mapasaya ang mga bata ng Mission of Charities ngayong darating na pasko...mas lalo akong na-motivate, na-inspire na mag-training kasama ang aking mga kaibigan sa Team CB...salamat coach argo at allan, ang pataasan ng pang-araw araw na kilometrahe natin ang siyang  nagpalakas sa akin...although katuwaan lang, batid ko na seryoso ang bawat isa sa atin

PASUQUIN, Ilocos Norte, August 29, 2010

Km 0, 04:15. mahigit isandaang mananakbo ang nagtipon-tipon sa harap ng munisipyo ng Pasuquin upang subukin ang sarili kasama ang mga kaibigan na taos-pusong handa na magsuporta animnaput limang  kilometro patungong Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte...dama ko ang kaba at excitement ng bawat isa, mainit ang hangin, picture taking, hanggang sa ibigay ang hudyat ni BR, alas singko ng umaga...
starline - pasuquin ilocos norte

Km 3. naging maganda ang aking simula, easy pace kasama ang Team BR Professionals...bilang inspirasyon sa nakaraang PAU Tanay, minarapat ko na sundan ang pace ni kap tere...alam kong mabilis, bahala na kung saan ako bibitaw

Km 6. dahil sa advice ng aking manghihilot, sinimulan ko ang pag-candy ng luya...ayon sa mga eksperto, ang luya ay pwedeng maging liniment sa buong katawan upang magbigay lakas, at maiwasan ang pag-atake ng pulikat (- kuya kim) na lumamon sa akin sa nakaraan Milo Marathon.
"oi, para saan yan?" pepsi
"para wag daw mag-cramps sabi ng manghihilot"  earl
"go!, kung yan ang makakatulong sa 'yo" pepsi
weirdo kung tutuusin pero parang epektib naman..i'll consider it na as my PAU ritual...:) salamat simply_wilnar sa pagsama sa akin sa paghanap ng luya sa bayan ng Pasuquin

Km 16. ramdaman ko ang bigat ng hydration bag na kabibili ko, mahirap palang gamitin, di ko pa tantyado ang naiinom ko, pero slightly nakatulong naman sa first few kilometers...sakto, nakita ko na ang mid-pack support at tuluyang ipinaubaya ito
Km 20. kakaibang pakiramdam nang abot-tanaw ko ng nasilayan ang burgos lighthouse, ngunit dito ko rin naramdaman ang pa-pulikat ko ng mga binti...natakot ako...minarapat kong magdahan dahan hangang sa marating ang Burgos Lighthouse, ang unang check point...
burgos lighthouse
Km 30. nais ko mang iwasan ang trail, di ko na magawang umatras, kailangan kong ituloy ang aking hakbang at makaraos sa mabatong daan patungong Kapurpuraoan Rock...

Km 34. isang sorpresa ang masilayan ang islang-bato na kulay asin mula sa aking kinatatayuan pababa sa baybayin ng Kapurpuraoan...maputik, matalas na corals at madulas na daan ang binaybay ng bawat mananakbo upang makarating lamang sa ikalawang check-point...
astig by rodel argonaut cuaton
Km 35. nasalubong ko ang isang kaibigan na mas lalong nagpatatag sa akin...flashback ng nakaraang PAU Tanay, nagkataon, sa parehas na distansya...
"earl, hug na kita, di na tayo magkikita mamaya sa daan" kap tere
"loko, hinhintayin pa kita sa finishline hehe, kaya natin 'to" earl
kasunod si kate ng Team BR Professionals
"kapit ka dito sa akin, aalalayan kita, tapakan mo lang yan bato, naku hindi yan" earl
pagtapak, lubog...olats, sira ang diskarte, sayang ang moment...
wow ang bato
Km 38.5. nabuhayan ako ng makita ko si pepsi, maan at jai na naghihintay pagkalabas ng trail...di alintana ang gutom, diretso na sa aking pagtakbo...baon ang isang slice na tinapay, mountain dew at bottled water...patay di ko nakuha ang aking gamit, walang hammer gel, walang cellphone...

Km 40. tila ba unti-unti na akong nilamon ng hapo papasok ng Bangui Windmill...dehydration, yan ang tuluyan nag-pahina sa akin
"men, dehydrated na ako" earl
"talagang di na-uubra ang gatorade, eto glucolyte, dagdag mo dyan sa tubig" ambo

Km 44. isang estranghero ang sumabay sa aking paglalakad, si chester na tubong ilocos...unang sabak nya sa ultramarathon...di na namin batid ang ganda ng Bangui Windmill dala ng tindi ng init sa mga oras na ito...ala una y media ng hapon, tuyo na ang lalamunan, kumukulo na ang tiyan, hanggang sa marating namin ang ikatlong check-point
"boss kanino yan sarsi?" earl
"sa iyo na lang, wala ng baso kaya tunggain mo na lang, marami ng tumungga dyan" team br
survial, yan na ang paulit-ulit na naglalaro sa isip ko sa mga oras na ito...mabuti na lang at meron akong ka-kwentuhan 
chester puno
Km 48. ang pagdating ng nth wind ang tuluyan nagpalakas sa akin...naglaho na ang mid-pack support...dinaan ko na lang sa kapal ng mukha ang paghingi ng tubig sa support ng ibang mananakbo...kung di ko gagawin 'to paano na? saan ako pupulitin? ayaw ko sa ospital? ayaw ko mag-DNF
"boss may tubig pa ba kayo na-extra, nawawala kasi support ko, kahit yan tubig sa ice chest ok na?" earl

Km 52. kung di makatakbo, maglakad, di naman pinagbabawal...kung di makalakad, gumapang atleast umaabante ka pa rin...
"earl, bilis mong maglakad parang may motor ang paa mo, kahit i-jog ko di kita maabutan" ambo
"ang paglalakad, kasama kasi sa training haha" earl

Km 56. disoriented at suplado...ganyan na ako ng makasalubong nila chelly, lorie at julie, kapwa ko Team CB...dahil kaibigan ko sila, batid ko na naiintindihan nila kung bakit ayaw kong huminto...
"lolo, anong gusto mo" lorie, julie, chelly (sabay-sabay)
"tubig lang o may makakain ba dyan, di pa ako nagla-lunch eh" lolo
"vienna sausage" lorie
"ok ako na ang magbubukas, ang bagal mo eh, nandyan na si ambo...oi pakainin niyo si ambo ha" earl

Km 60. tuluyan kong inaliw ang aking sarili sa pagkanta, napaisip muli...kaya ko ba ang BDM?, nagdadalawang isip na ako...OA na pero ang paghanga ko sa mga BDM finishers ang nagpatatag sa akin, mas mahabang takbuhan, lakaran...mas mainit, mas mahirap...
"gusto kong umiyak pero walang nakakakita sa akin, mukha lang akong tanga" earl

Km 62. ang pag-daan sa arko ng Pagudpod ang tuluyan nagpaluha sa akin, nag-iisa na lang ako...sabay nito ang pag-buhos ng ulan na tila ba handa sa muling pagtanggap sa akin...ang hapo ay tuluyan ng napalitan ng kagalakan...muling nabuhayan ako ng loob, 30 minutes to go finishline na! nasa akin na ang trophy...

Km 65. narating ko na ang munisipyo ng Pagudpod ngunit mataas pa rin ang kompetisyon sa mga kasabayan kong mananakbo, ayaw pahuli, ayaw paiwan...ang Team CB ay nanatili sa aking tabi...
"anak ng, may limang kilometro pa pala, si BR talaga" earl

Km 69. ang natitirang lakas ay tuluyan ko ng ibinuhos, dama ko na ang pamamanhid ng buong katawaan ang bilis ng pintig ng puso, tila ba ayaw paawat sa bilis ng aking mga hakbang patungong sa aking tagumpay...
the last stride
Km 70. palakpakan mula sa aking mga kaibigan at tinitingalang ultrarunners ang sumulabong sa aking pag-tawid sa finishline...tapos na ang pag-hihirap, nasa akin na ang tagumpay...tagumpay ng aking mga kaibigang naniwala sa aking kakayahan, tagumpay ng mga taong tumulong sa akin, tagumapay ng mga batang makikinabang sa aking pagtakbo...
sa wakas
Nagwakas muli ang isang chapter ng aking buhay...ang pakikipaglaban sa aking kahinaan at sa katatagang maisakatuparan ang aking mithiin...iniwan man ako ng eroplano ngunit ang karanasaan ito ay di ko kailan man   maiwan...
bangui windmill replica awarded to me by br
Sa aking mga kaibigan, ang Team CB, Team Boring at, ultrarunners at supporters, maraming salamat sa suporta mula sa simula hanggang sa matapos ang race...kay sir Jovie Narcise BR, salamat sa patakbo, sa muling paghamon sa amin kalakasan at kahinaan, sa mga surprise route na di mga nag-goodluck at nag-congrats sa FB, sa SMS, sobrang salamat sa paniniwala sa mga pledges buhat sa aking mga ka-opisina, kay tito Edwin Ruiz at SARF, taos-pusong pasasalamat sa pagtitiwala sa sa aking pamilya, mahal ko kayo...

Sa muling pagkikita! Let's get PAU!!!
my sweet victory by yours truly lolo

Team CB UltraRunners by Daie

Official Result: 2nd PAU 70K Run from

Credits to jeffrey avellanosa and friends for the nice pictures...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Tribute To Your Accomplishment...PAU UltraMoment by Silverprex

i was surprised with the vid prepared by my friend, lorie on my first was really an ultra moment...salamat silverprex (di ko alam kung saang lupalop mo nakuha yan pics ko haha)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TBR Dream Marathon, Unfolding One's Dream...

TBR Dream Marathon
May 22, 2010 – Nuvali, Sta Rosa Laguna
Distance: 42K
Time: 6Hrs 3Min

"Let our DREAMS go high, Like the birds in the sky, Spread our wings, So we can reach the stars!"

Running my first full marathon will always be my most memmorable one but running another can be as memmorable as the first one. It's a test of faith and courage, different stories unfold, different emotions drawn, crossing the finish line is always a seventh heaven. This is how Condura: Run for the Dolphins, my first full marathon marked me as a true runner. They say, first marathon is unforgetable, yes! this is absolutely true.

I don't have any idea about this race until julie told me that she will join a marathon. Upon learning that this is only exclusive for first timers, I did not attempt to ask anything about the race. I felt envious on how the runners will be pampered by the bullrunner herself towards their first marathon. 200 wanna be marathoners were given a chance to be the 1st TBR Dream Marathoners.

February 15 - afternoon, julie told me that the bullrunner had opened additional 100 slots for the 2nd  time marathoners...this is it! I enjoyed Condura run, now another marathon after 3 months... hmmm, anyway enough time to prepare and train. Without any hesitation, I registered and volunteered myself to pace julie.

February 22 - 02:00h. looking at my friends in the startline, especially the first time marathoners was a mirror on how I look when I took my first marathon. Mixed emotions, happy, excited and tense...but I am more worried with myself on what may happen during the race. My shint and legs are still unrecoved from recent PAU. I didn't showed up any pain to my friends, pretending that I am strong, looking strong. I just asked our Father to give me strength 'til the end of the race, I was heard. The race started at exactly 2 o'clock in the morning in a humid weather. As promised, I paced julie in achieving her first marathon. Our pace was consistent reaching km21 in 6.46mn/km pace, good enough for sub 6 however due to unexpected circumstances, we slow down and walk often thus I still tried to push her without any pressure. Before we reach the finish line, I asked julie to go ahead of me for a great finisher's shot where Argo, our coach is waiting for us. 

- To TBR organizers especially to Jaymie, Team Second Wind and all the peeps behind the success of TBR Dream Marathon, thanks for everything...for your generosity from the talks, the sessions, the freebies to lootbags...kudos!
- To my family, my dearest marga, pio, el cap, nao, carly, timmy...salamat sa walang kasawa-sawang suporta...
- To the dreamcatchers, maridon and the rest...the dreamchaser, tracy, raymund and dream pacers, rona, jet, doc art...salamat
- To my TEAM CB ang suporta! Cherry, Argo, Allan, Cess...di mabilis pero cute...
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Boom Boom PAU - The 1st PAU 50K Ultramarathon

1st PAU 50K UltraMarathon
May 9, 2010 – Sampaloc, Tanay Rizal
Distance: 50K
Time: 7Hrs 32Min

"I have competed well; I have finished the race; I have kept the faith" 2 Timothy 4:7

w/ Sir Jovie Narcise aka Bald Runner
I never thought that I'm gonna run a race longer than the distance of a traditional marathon earlier than next year, my target date. It was an abrupt decision which i know may ends into disappointment and frustation "if" I fail. I ran my first full marathon 3 months ago, had my longest lsd around 45km a month after, few short-distance run with my friends and even experienced runner's blues when my sister went home for a vacation. I don't have any plans of running an ultra distance this year. I know it requires mind setting, body conditioning and proper training. I know I'm not yet ready for it.

THE GOOD NEWS. Few days before holy week, I was informed by a friend that Mr Jovie Narcise aka Bald Runner who was also the man behind the success of BDM102 is organizing an ultramarathon, a 50K race. Yes, I am a fan of BR. I am fascinated on how he organize a race, saludo ako! I know he will again surprise the "crazy" runners a route with never-ending-story.

GOTTA FEELING. Felt excited after I heard the news. Since I don't have any experience in running an ultra distance race, I approached my fellow runners and asked for their opinion. 99% of them encouraged me to put on my shoes and run. I was hesitant to take the risk and push my dreams beyond the limit but I know myself and I trust my running friends. I believe, running an ultramarathon is an achievement more than a full marathon. I once was a witness how the warriors of BDM102 took the challenge and honoured afterwards, they were my inspiration and want to follow their path.

ATRAS ABANTE. 9 weeks to train for ultramarathon race? not enough but my confidence remains, pressured but excited . I spent most of my weekends running with Team CB before going to work, hitting the hill of J. Vargas and St. Martin, spared my off for long run under the heat of the sun, hence training period still not enough. Honestly, I am much prepared doing my first marathon, Condura than PAU.

RECON. short for reconnoiter; to inspect or survey in order to gain information for military purposes ( i-phone app). Familiarizing the route in an ultramarathon race is not necessary but recommended. By observing and studying the place, you may strategically plan what you will do during the race proper. A week before d-day, I asked my nanay and kuya to accompany me to Tanay for ocular visit. I was surprised with the endless uphills going to Sierra Madre resort where the finishline is positioned. "magkano ba binayad mo at mag-papakahirap ka? doblehin ko na lang" joked by nanay. I remained silent until we reached the resort. "nay, di mo ba kayang triplehin?, nalula ako sa dinaanan natin" yelled by me. I sent text message to my running friends who will do PAU and informed them about the killing uphills. Rather than receiving a neg feedback, i was bombard with encouragement, pushed and boosted that we can do it and nothing can stop us.

INSOMNIAC. Last day of countdown, Wilnar invited me to hear mass in Our Lady of EDSA to ask for guidance and injured-free race. Afterwards, we met Emil in Cubao, did our last minute shopping and went straight home. I was restless, nervous and queasy the whole night thinking if I'll make it, fluttered on my bed from time to time and not realizing that it was already time to get off my bed and prepare for the race. 3 hours to go, cramming whew...

 my ever supportive family who believed in me
GONNA GET-GET. I am proud to say that I am blessed with a supportive and loving family. Yes, they were the one who supported me in my first ultramarathon. My ate even prepared adobo because she thought i'll stop for lunch during the race. We arrived in Tanay around 4:20am, 40 minutes before the gun start. The race venue was filled with veterans and neophyte ultra runners. My excitement leveled-up when I saw my family, both supporters and runners roaring to hit the road and getting ready to face the challenge. Great to see my ultra ex(tra ordinary)-virgin classmates, decipher, dadyoushi, ambo_kulet, prince, aaron, ronnel, carinz d flying boar, tayette, teray aka el capitana and running diva.

the bdm warriors w/ us the pau-tanay leg conquerers

RUNNING THE HILLS. Inexpensive startline, no digital clock, no fireworks, no timing chips, a simple "start" sign written in tarpaulin  but who cares...running in one of a kind route is priceless and that BR can offer. The race started at exactly 5:00am, since I didn't ask anybody to pace with me, my plan is to run in my own pace targeting to reach Km13 in 1hr45mn, Km20 in 2hr35mn and Km35 in 4hr30mn to be safe and reach the finishline within the 8hrs cut off time. During the race, I find el capitana's pace works for me that's why I kept a close eye on her. This made me focused and motivated, with Argo, Team CB's coach alongside. Upon reaching Km15, I told them to go ahead, there I began to slow down to conserve energy thus continued to maintain an average pace of 7mn on downhills. I crossed path with el capitana in Km33 giving me a hug which made me cry. I was surprised that I'm on the right time reaching Km35,  gaining my energy back after the turn around. I tried to run the last 15Km but the hills defeated me. I decided to walk and enjoy the beauty of nature, overlooking eastern Manila and Sierra Madre. I dashed the last 500M, finishing the race strong, full of determination. Until the next PAU, 1 down 2 more to go!

speed vs. altitude (endomondo i-phone app)

minute-maid shot by Daniel Callante

my niece, waiting for me at the finish line - go tito jay!

the grand finish line "i like"

the finishers

placed 53rd out of 104 finishers ending the race in 7hr24mn57sc. src

* to my family, your presence made me strong the whole race, thanks for believing in me...glad to celebrate my victory and mother's day at daranak falls, tanay
* to team cb, thanks for training with me, one of the best
* to my ultra classmates, congratulations! see you in ilocos norte
* to (pepsi, marga, dox pinx, karen, edwin, rod, mccoy) and the ultrasupporters, salamat!
* to BDMrs, inspirasyon, huwaran, nag-iisa at natatangi...
* to BR, thanks for the great race...we enjoyed...til next PAU

- photos courtesy of rod, mccoy, pepsi and marga