Saturday, December 11, 2010

Meet Kulasa, My New Running Baby

confused, undecided. it's been a month since i am thinking of a birthday present to myself. i want a new time watch, a new pair of nike shoes, a north face bagpack to name a few. a lot of ideas is playing in my mind that invades my head like a raging waters. dami kong gusto but i want this material thing remarkable.

while searching for an articles and write-ups about the recent cebu ultramarathon, my browser redirected me to jacob ong's blog, the tsinelasrunner from cebu, an ultramarathoner. i was amazed how he finished the race wearing a pair of sandals. yes you heard it right, a pair of sandals! i made a comment on his blog and got a reply recommending me to try huarache, to run in barefoot feel. now i know what it's called. we started to exchange emails and later asked him to make a customized pair of huarache for me since i don't have any idea how to start it.

i received my new sandals 2 days ago, just in time for my bday!... 
my huarache fresh from cebu - signed, sealed and delivered
 ... and named her after the song tsinelas by yano

kai huarache by mr jacob ong took me 20 minutes learning to tie it, whew!...
giving it a try
and now its time for me to break-in! :)

thanks sir jacob for introducing this wonderful tsinelas, hope this will work out for me!

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