Wednesday, September 23, 2009

RotaRun '09

RotaRun '09
September 20, 2009
McKinley Hills, Taguig
Distance: 10K
Target time: Sub60

PR for me…never thought that Rotarun will be a good race after my irregular training. i wasn’t able to follow my training routine for SIM due to high demand of my busy sched, work as always…i decided to stay in the office overnight…1st more accessible than coming all the way from antipolo, 2nd have my human alarm clock, my colleague on duty and 3rd i can easily check new updates in my FB, unlimited internet time…

arrived at the venue around 05:30h. ..saw eire and bryan near the stage waiting for others…after i checked-in my baggage, i joined marga and group, chatted with them while waiting for the gun start for 10k and 15k respectively…

rotarun route was new to me…although i tried this route during urbanite, starting with uphill is need to consume your energy wisely for you to maintain your target pace…happy that I did what is planned and I find it effective, learned it from carly, ang babaeng bakal…to sum it up, I maintained my 6min target pace and reached the finishline in 58.41mins (unofficial), sub60 yuhoo!...winning the seattle’s best coffee gc and discount card in the raffle was a plus….award na itong maituturing. Afterward, i invited hypermarvs which happened to be my kapit-bayan to join the group in post-run carbo loading at mcdo…

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

LSD: ATC - Daang-Hari - Filinvest v.v.

LSD - ATC - Daang-Hari - Filinvest - Daang-Hari - ATC
Date: September 13, 2009
Distance: 30Km

Long Slow Distance, often called LSD is one of the training methods where most of the runners both pro and neophyte follows in prep. for long run events. Although I am quite familiar with the terms which I commonly heard over the forums and discussions, I don’t have any idea how this training is being done, until I decided to join one of the LSD which was scheduled by the masters in preparation for those who will run their full this coming October (QCIM and SIM).

A week before the LSD, I decided to include my name in the roll call list despite that this will be held in south, far from my place. I learned from SB masters that LSD will help me build up my endurance and strengthen my muscles which is beneficial especially for long runs. Since I already registered for my first half-mary in SIM (Subic Int’l Marathon), my heart and my mind pushed me to join the group and at least experience running with Bahala na si Batman kung anong mangyayari.

I went to Makati for an overnight stay. More accessible going to Alabang Town Center, the meeting place, rather than coming all the way from Antipolo. Heavy rain prior in the sched LSD did not blocked me to attend my most awaited long run.
I arrived at Mcdo ATC around 04:20h. Ate my breakfast to load some calories and waited for others to arrive. When the group was nearly complete, we all gathered and Eric, the master mind brief everyone about the running route.

We started around 04:50h. Since I am not from south, I don’t have any idea where Daang-Hari is as well as the distance that we are going to cover thus following the leader made me comfortable and troubled-free. Upon entering Daang-Hari, heavy rain started to pour. This made everyone to  doused, nevertheless did not stop to continue, enjoying each stride. I paced with Jet and Tim until we reached Daang-Reyna, our 1st leg. After a minute of rest, we went back to ATC for our 2nd leg pacing with Nao. Stop over at AAV Madrigal gate and waited for others. Paced with Nao again for our 3rd leg, running around Filinvest. Back to AAV Madrigal gate for our 4th leg, with Carly as my pacer. Recorded distance after the 4th leg was approximately 21Km. Half of us decided to relinquish and the other half to continue with the target distance of 36Km++. This time, my legs were already in pain however something had pushed me to continue running. I decided to run at least few more kilometers, half of Daang-Hari and return to ATC to wait for others who will finish the planned distance. I asked go signal from Jet for my U-turn.

I, once again the running hermit, running alone along the long wide road of Daang-Hari returning to where we started. After 3Km run, the sun began to show up. No more rain, no more drizzles. I felt exhausted and drained. I still managed to run in a very very slow pace, conserving my energy for few more distance. Although I still have water to replenish my dehydrated body, my body can’t take it anymore. When I reached Commerce Ave., I decided to walk, had a minute break under the acasia tree, prayed for a while as I felt helpless and then continued my walk until I reached Mcdo ATC.
I was fulfilled, finishing the LSD alone with my shaken legs. I rewarded myself with a Coke Float while waiting for others to arrive. So far, this was my longest run recorded. I am looking forward to join more LSD with It was indeed a great experience.

I want to extend my whole heartedly thanks to Nao, Carly, Mark, Jet, DocT, Pat, James, Rico, Eo, Cris (LSD finishers) as my motivators during the entire LSD. To Marga, Eric, Tim, RJ, Doc Eire, Bryan, Neil, Rachel, Rafa, Doc Ranny and Doc Dianne who made my day worthy to be remembered...