Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Subic International Marathon, a Celebration of Life, a Fulfillment of One’s Dream

October 24-25, 2009
SCTEX (Florinda Blanca- SBMA) and Remy Field, SBMA
Distance: 21k++ doc art and cess pacer plus 21k (my 1st half mary)
Total Distance: 42k++
Time: n.a. (marathon pacer)
Time: 2.32.54h (1st half mary)

Yes, SIM was the most tremendous experience in my running career at this point in my life…full of excitement, adventures and challenges…my 1st half marathon and out of town race…the day that i was born to run…with the takbo.ph friends as my godparents
wer na me? hanapin niyo! sim article - phil daily inquirer page A26 - october 29, 2009

A week before the race, I am totally bothered…I haven’t arranged my transpo going to subic neither my accommodation…lucky enough that I still have space at marga’s van and  place to stay at ellen’s house…always, im a last minute person

The group arrived in subic around eight in the morning…no plan what to do next til ellen decided to take us around…doc sherwin, raf, ric and yan (yan, salamat nga pala for reg.)…the generous doctor lend us his everest together with kuya nilo as our driver…had our  pasta and pizza siesta at xtremely xpresso and went back to the lighthouse to rest... 
We were surprised that cess, our bunso had a slight fever…doc art asked me to pace with them for first 10km, if cess can’t make then I am there to assist…I was hesitant at first because I still need to reserve my energy for my 21k debut…”kaya ko ba, pano kung di na ako makatakbo bukas?”…after I saw cess, nahabag ako…I immediately put on my singlet and decided to join them…argo gave me the race kit of nao…baka di raw makapunta, I can use it just in case...before we leave, nao confirmed that she’s coming…I was relieved...we arrived at the startline 15 minutes before the gun start…some were surprised that I’ll be pacing the two in their first 10k…I was happy to see my takbo.ph family cheering for the new marathoners…I appreciate marga’s reminder…”wag magpapakapagod, may takbo ka pa bukas ha”
mga kuha along sctx - florida blanca exit to dinalupihan exit
doc art and cess
me, the bandit

I know the reason why I was there…to give encouragement to cess and doc art…after reaching km1, I started to tease cess…”eto na cess, simulan natin…kwento mo sa akin ang talambuhay mo, para pagdating sa finishline line atapos na

The sun started to set down…I told doc art that I can still run beyond 10k…I update the support team once in a while…2 kilometers after dinalupihan exit, doc art reminded me that I still have my half marathon, to stop and rest for tomorrow…he called pepsi to pick me up…when they arrived, pepsi and carina paced the two...along the way, we met up ellen and took us to her place…God's blessings…I woke up the following morning with no pain at all…

my silhouette along sctx - dinalupihan exit

Race day came…I was so excited…lot of runners were scattered in the oval…we were surprised that it will be a mass start…no marshals roving around…ang gulo…some started to shout their sentiments, others just observed…disappointed for a second but I turned everything positive…I don’t want to ruin my race day, my first half marathon…thought that this was only part of the challenges that I will encounter along the way…I started good but begun to slow down before i reach km5 marker…side stitch had attacked me…I decided to walk and enjoy the place, overlooking subic bay in the hilly route, watching the bats above…another surprised hill, almost a kilometer long uphill…”walang ganito sa  KOTR”

I had a split time of 1.12hr…good enough to reach 2.30hr in the finish line…I saw my 21k batchamates one by one, tracy with tim and luis, rj with bong, followed by julie, yan and lauren, carina pacing michelle, cindy, marga and mccoy…nabuhayan ako when I saw the group cheering for us

I realized that running half-marathon is not easy...i am tired already when when i reached Km13…frequent walk breaks after km16…I continued my run in a slow pace, not minding my target time anymore…

When I saw my takbo.ph family waiting for me at the finish line, i almost cry…I truly appreciate how supportive they are, especially to us, the devirginized half marathoners…i finished the race in 2.33.22...not bad according to them…still, more 21k race for PR

No turn around ribbon, no finishers medal, no finishers certificate…ayus lang…ang importante I did it, we did it…CONGRATULATIONS to all t.ph SIM and Nike+ HR participants...MARAMING SALAMAT!

"I think I'll go home now it's, been the greatest day thank, you for shedding life to my fantasy, throw me a wicked smile the one like yesterday, that threw me up and away, to the evergreen"

Monday, October 19, 2009

1st Quezon City Int'l Marathon

1st QCIM
October 18, 2009QC Circle – Commonwealth Ave. QC
Distance: 10K
Time: 61mins

QCIM was not really in my race list…no plan to join as I already reserved my last sunday for a long run somewhere here in antipolo in preparation for my 1st 21k in subic, also it’s my niece birthday and they need a runner to buy stuffs, that’s why my presence is really needed… 4 days before the race, I got a txt from marvin (hypermarvs) who happened to be in bhs registering for this event…i was confused, undecided…as always, I made up my decision in last minute…”sige marvs, reg mo na ako sa 10k, bahala na si batman, salamat”… I haven’t fixed my sched for sunday yet… saturday came, I was surprised that the husband of my colleague was stabbed… we rushed to their place to check what happen...i went home late, tired…I set my alarm clock at 3.45am…on my way to qc, not to blight my planned long run, i went off to katipunan-aurora blvd., decided to run all the way to QC circle not minding the distance thus more concern on my time, praying to reach the place before the gun start…I arrived 10mins before the race start, lucky enough to see marvin along the way, who have my race kit… we joined the t.ph group while waiting for the signal…glad to see my fellow runners, julie and cherry, ready to run again after the typhoon ondoy…I had a good start however, upon reaching tandang sora flyover, my right knee started to shaken which caused me to slow down and walk…8 walk breaks in total… it was a bad run for me after the rotarun where i pr for sub60, nevertheless I am happy to see my t.ph family again especially the 1st time distance finishers…

never ending class picture w/ quezon monument at the background...taken by carlo

find my shoe and win!

doc marvs, myk, globe phone ladies, rico, edu, me and carlo

w/ 21k finishers, parkner nao, cess and art

t.ph w/ the kenyans

Thursday, October 15, 2009

LSD - Eastwood-Libis, QC - EDSA-Ayala, Makati plus Rescue Run @ MOA

LSD - Eastwood-Libis, QC - EDSA-Ayala, Makati + 
Rescue Run for Ondoy's Victim @ Moa
Quezon City to Makati plus MOA, Pasay 
October 11, 2009
Distance: 11.5K plus 10K
Target time: NA

no mileage since bagyong ondoy…yan and I decided to have our own lsd from eastwood, libis to edsa-ayala, makati, still in preparation for upcoming subic international marathon (SIM), my first 21k run…no plotted route…all we knew is that if we are going to take the wild wide road of c5 going south, this will lead us to global city, all the way to edsa-ayala which is near moa where the rescue run event was held…

yes, i registered and ran for additional 10k after our lsd…met tracey and sam, also the new signed-up members of tph, ian and ***. the event was attended by some running groups… this event was done and organized successfully, no target time for 10k as i am tired and wasted from my long run…