Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TBR Dream Marathon, Unfolding One's Dream...

TBR Dream Marathon
May 22, 2010 – Nuvali, Sta Rosa Laguna
Distance: 42K
Time: 6Hrs 3Min

"Let our DREAMS go high, Like the birds in the sky, Spread our wings, So we can reach the stars!"

Running my first full marathon will always be my most memmorable one but running another can be as memmorable as the first one. It's a test of faith and courage, different stories unfold, different emotions drawn, crossing the finish line is always a seventh heaven. This is how Condura: Run for the Dolphins, my first full marathon marked me as a true runner. They say, first marathon is unforgetable, yes! this is absolutely true.

I don't have any idea about this race until julie told me that she will join a marathon. Upon learning that this is only exclusive for first timers, I did not attempt to ask anything about the race. I felt envious on how the runners will be pampered by the bullrunner herself towards their first marathon. 200 wanna be marathoners were given a chance to be the 1st TBR Dream Marathoners.

February 15 - afternoon, julie told me that the bullrunner had opened additional 100 slots for the 2nd  time marathoners...this is it! I enjoyed Condura run, now another marathon after 3 months... hmmm, anyway enough time to prepare and train. Without any hesitation, I registered and volunteered myself to pace julie.

February 22 - 02:00h. looking at my friends in the startline, especially the first time marathoners was a mirror on how I look when I took my first marathon. Mixed emotions, happy, excited and tense...but I am more worried with myself on what may happen during the race. My shint and legs are still unrecoved from recent PAU. I didn't showed up any pain to my friends, pretending that I am strong, looking strong. I just asked our Father to give me strength 'til the end of the race, I was heard. The race started at exactly 2 o'clock in the morning in a humid weather. As promised, I paced julie in achieving her first marathon. Our pace was consistent reaching km21 in 6.46mn/km pace, good enough for sub 6 however due to unexpected circumstances, we slow down and walk often thus I still tried to push her without any pressure. Before we reach the finish line, I asked julie to go ahead of me for a great finisher's shot where Argo, our coach is waiting for us. 

- To TBR organizers especially to Jaymie, Team Second Wind and all the peeps behind the success of TBR Dream Marathon, thanks for everything...for your generosity from the talks, the sessions, the freebies to lootbags...kudos!
- To my Takbo.ph family, my dearest marga, pio, el cap, nao, carly, timmy...salamat sa walang kasawa-sawang suporta...
- To the dreamcatchers, maridon and the rest...the dreamchaser, tracy, raymund and dream pacers, rona, jet, doc art...salamat
- To my TEAM CB family...wow ang suporta! Cherry, Argo, Allan, Cess...di mabilis pero cute...
- To the new marathoners, Julie, Yan, Lorie, Marvs, Tin, Gail, Ley, James, Maan, Tayette... congrats and welcome to the world of marathon...

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