Sunday, October 31, 2010

TEAM CB on Blog

a year ago, a not so serious running group was formed, accidentally named under cherry bautista who happens to be the only sea nymph, among the three mermen, "the argonaut", "the artist" and "the gramps" training for condura marathon 2010.
the founders
a month after, a force recruitment was happened. running friends who are closed to our heart were invited for a 7.5k race challenge which was successfully held in tiendesitas, now known as the "team cb's home court".
team cb 7.5k challenge, january 7, 2010
the group continues to grow and grow. new members have joined, declaring that they are part of the team. yes, we don't recriut, "ikaw ang magsabing team cb ka".
team singlet launch w/ freshmen, september 2010
some of the members were engaged in different multi-disciplinary sports such as ultramarathon, aquathlon, duathlon and triathlon. others remain as they were. silencer, cheerer, photographer. thus, team's effort to train together exists. play and work is the key why the group keeps on going.

few weeks ago, launched their "write-ups about running groups". this is where they feature a running group here in the philippines on their blog. whew! lucky enough that my team, Team CB was second in the row. thru the effort of argo and mardiol, Team CB history 101 has been FINALLY documented.

check for the buzz behind the name TEAM CB !
acknowledgment to for recognizing the team. maraming salamat!and GodSpeed!


Anonymous said...

Nice! Mukhang di ka natulog ah.. hehehe... Ganda! Kaso wala pala tayong pic na tayong 4. :D


Earl aka Jayrulezzz said...

oo nga manager! tara pa pic tayo