Monday, December 13, 2010


"Everybody is a star
It don't matter who you are, no
Keep on reachin' for your dreams
'Cuz it ain't as crazy as it seems" 
[Black Eyed Peas single Own It]

IT was my plan to end this year with a bang, joining the 2nd Quezon City International Marathon, my retaliation  from the 34th Milo Marathon elims last July, my worst race todate. But what will  be the assurance that I could break my record?, that I can do better than my last 3 FMs? NO, its not the right time. I can do a back-to-back race but I will be disappointed if I won't hit my target time. Sa akin lang "ang big event, pinaghahandaan, hindi lang sabak ng sabak". I don't want to abuse myself running an ultramarathon, a week before a full marathon. I hate injuries. It is a race, I respect the distance and time, I value my body and soul, nevertheless not in my training program.

"mag-support ka na lang, wag ka ng tumakbo", doday. There I decided not to register for QCIM and instead support and cheer my friends running their pikermi : fm, where some are virgins. One of my goals as a runner is to support my kapwa runner. I want to put smile on them while agonizing to reach the finish line. A call of duty, not only as a runner, a friend but as a human being. Also, it is my way of paying it forward on the supports I received in my entire running career, from my team mates - Team CB,, marga (who did her 1st marathon - way to go margalicious) and those strangers who didn't bothered to take a stand in order to offer support.

It was last year when I joined support team in the Philippine International Marathon. "masarap magsupport, rewarding! parang naka-tapos ka rin ng marathon", I was neophyte then.
PIM 2009 - Buendia Aid Station
at ngayon, naulit muli, now lolo, a veteran.
QCIM 2010 - Team CB in Philcoa

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