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1st BDM 160 (100Miles Ultramarathon Race), simply_wilnar Race Report

BDM 160K Ultramarathon Race
Mariveles, Bataan to Capas, Tarlac
February 26-27, 2011

January 31, 2011 @ 15:27H, I decided to run the 1st BDM 100 Miles Utramarathon Race a month before D-day after my team mates and friends from Team CB convinced me to take the challenge despite of the cost that will incur me for the registration, supplies and support vehicle to be used. So I made this post at Team CB’s Wall "hello po good day..nagmuni muni na po ako..sali na po ako bdm..di pa man po nagsisimula at ngtatapos un bdm eh ngpapasalamat na po ako sa support nyo..kakatouch tlga kau..salamt po uli.ill do my best para sa inyo.." to ask for support, financially. Thru this, the group congregated the pledges from the members. That’s what I love about running among the sports that I’ve tried, the support, inspiration, motivation and camaraderie that your fellow runners can offer you.

February 11, 2011, Team CB held their usual post ANR dinner at Tiendesitas. Earl, Bong, Marvin and Yan were assigned to support me. Support vehicle was voluntarily provided by Rona. Race plan and briefing were given out, the supplies and foods that will be prepared for the race day such as whatatops cup cake, bananas, gatorade, water, salt, ice, durian candy, gels, hard-boiled egg, pandesal stuffed with corned-beef, mang inasal food, jollibee chicken joy for lunch, spaghetti.

February 25, 2011@ 11:00pm, Runners and support crews met at Jollibee Tiendesitas for the final briefing and preparation of the supplies.

February 26, 2011 @ 03:00 am, the team arrived at the BDM Shrine (KM 0) in Mariveles, Bataan. At this point everyone is excited and nervous for this ultramarathon race, considering most of the participants are first timer for this distance.

BDM KM 0, gun start, 05:45H. I ran with my usual running buddies Sir Totoy and Sir Junrox up to Km7. After seeing my support crew at this point I just plan to pace with the person ahead of me who happened to be Atty. Jon Lacanlale. We ran back to back and maintained our pace up to Km 14.

At KM 16, Atty. Jon and I were running together, respectively. Hydration was provided to me every 2Km as planned. No solid food was given to me at this time.

At km 30, I was leading the pack. Atty. Jon was behind just few meters away.

At km. 42, I changed my clothes, headgear, shirt, socks and shoes. At this point, the team has no idea how far we were from the 2nd runner. Also, I already took salt because I feel that my body does not accept the fluids that I take anymore.

BDM KM 66, I had my lunch but didn't stop. I have to keep my legs warm. Also, during that time, I still have the momentum so I decided to eat the chopped Jollibee chicken joy with rice in a cup which was prepared by my support team. After this, I walk to have the food digest before I continue to run again. But when I reached km 75, I felt some muscle pain in my quads so I asked for a massage.

At this point, I can feel that my legs are already tired and the “every-2” kilometers pit stop seems so far, so we changed the plan and asked my support team to stop every 1-1/2 km point. I also began to pour ice cold water on my head.
I reached the 102 marker in 10hr, 10mins based on the video of my support crew. After having some picture taking on the 102 Km. marker the team was advised by the marshals that the 2nd runner is a Singaporean and just an hour away. We left the place and followed the road going to Mc Arthur Hi-way. Luckily, Bong was familiar with the way going out so he paced me up to km 103 as I didn’t attend the test run for San Fernando-Capas route.

At km. 108, Earl had pushed me and maintained a 6-6:30 pace with few pit stops for hydration. Support team decided to stop every kilometer or less to closely monitor my hydration.

BDM KM115, this time, I decided to follow the Galloway run-walk method. 3mins run, 1min walk. For my legs to recover a bit and conserve some energy for the remaining distances. My average pace was not monitored.

At km. 118, Grace paced me in 4mins run, 1min walk. After some pit stops I felt some hunger so I decided to take my dinner, courtesy of Mang Inasal. I felt energized and my vigor had restored back and I can feel that I’m having my second wind which kept me conditioned and still in good running form.

BDM KM130, Grace was replaced by Eric to pace me. Run-Walk back to 3 is to 1.

At Km 144, 10Miles before the finish line, I felt uneasy with the starting blisters as sand already entered my shoes. Here, my pacer Earl kept me motivated by ignoring the blister, to focus and just continue to run as we are nearing the finish line.

BDM KM152, I took walk breaks more often due to blisters and bloated stomach.

BDM KM155, at turn around point, I decided to walk up to the finish line as I can’t run nor jog anymore.

At KM160, as I enter the shrine, walking, I noticed BR waiting for me. I preserved the remaining leg power and strength to run towards the finish line so that I still look good as I cross the finish line. At 23:11H, February 26, 2011 with a time of 17:35 hours I officially finished my first 100-miler race.

To all the people who supported me thank you so much for the opportunity that you have given me. It means a lot to me. Without people like you I don’t know what I would be on this special race of my life. I know saying thank you and appreciating the things that you did to me is not enough. I will always remember BDM 160 Km as a memorable event of my life. Hope you will still support me on my next run.

Also to the race director thank you for conducting this life changing experience in everyone’s life. And most especially to God who gave me the strength and talent to do this feat. This will always be for Your Glory O Lord.

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