Thursday, November 19, 2009

7th ANIMO Run

7th ANIMO Run

November 18, 2009 – MOA, Pasay
Distance: 5K
Time: 41mins

class pic

After I invited my colleagues to try running, only one person gladly joined me, Budz. He’s been my officemate for 4 years now. I thought he is just curious of the sport I am into, why I enjoy every moment of my race, my stories and my photos but after I learned that he just want to know the feeling of crossing the finish line, I encouraged him right away to register and have this run as his debut race. I paced him all the way despite of my eagerness to break my record for 5k (33mins w/ globe run for home). No PR thus I am happy that somebody appreciated the essence of running. Right after the race, I continued my run going to BHS for additional mileage and met the gang who ran with Piolo.

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