Monday, July 20, 2009

Newbie Runner

I haven’t written anything yet about running, my new passion in life, how it started, my races and finishing moments, people that I have met, experience, records, goals and achievements. I am not a blogger; I am just a plain guest and often a lurker who enjoys reading the articles of “my” fellow runners. It’s been a while that I attempt to start writing about running, but my ego doesn’t permit it. Now I am here in front of my computer,  thinking what to do, thinking what to write. I was amazed with the different stories behind each runner’s running shoes, stories which inspires me to struggle more in my goals, to be a finisher in every race and soon to be a placer.
I am a traveler, an adventurer but never been an athlete, not much with physical sports especially if requires upper body strength. Certainly, running is not in my bucket list. In the mid of May I decided to run within our village, to try it out. Then was followed the next day along Sumulong hi-way, unaware with the distance, pace and time. After a few runs, I noticed that my cross training shoe is about to retire. There, I started to make some research about running. I found out that there are some factors to consider if you are going to take it seriously, running shoe, training plan, sched races, etc. I was lost and don’t know where to start.
I saw one of my friends in fb who were into running. He advised me to get a pair of shoe first. I followed the instructions I have searched over the internet, unknowingly that I have a neutral foot. I bought my first shoe and break that in within the day.
In June 12, while searching for the races in the metro, thru the help of mr. google, I was redirected to website. I joined the forum and instantly post my first message in newbie section introducing myself. I once became a lurker and seldom join the shout box as a greeter.
I trained for 2 weeks for my first run, Globe Run for Home, July 19, 2009. It was my first 5K run but before the big day, I attended the Run Aid Event in ROX, BHS which brightens my mind in running.

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