Monday, October 19, 2009

1st Quezon City Int'l Marathon

1st QCIM
October 18, 2009QC Circle – Commonwealth Ave. QC
Distance: 10K
Time: 61mins

QCIM was not really in my race list…no plan to join as I already reserved my last sunday for a long run somewhere here in antipolo in preparation for my 1st 21k in subic, also it’s my niece birthday and they need a runner to buy stuffs, that’s why my presence is really needed… 4 days before the race, I got a txt from marvin (hypermarvs) who happened to be in bhs registering for this event…i was confused, undecided…as always, I made up my decision in last minute…”sige marvs, reg mo na ako sa 10k, bahala na si batman, salamat”… I haven’t fixed my sched for sunday yet… saturday came, I was surprised that the husband of my colleague was stabbed… we rushed to their place to check what happen...i went home late, tired…I set my alarm clock at 3.45am…on my way to qc, not to blight my planned long run, i went off to katipunan-aurora blvd., decided to run all the way to QC circle not minding the distance thus more concern on my time, praying to reach the place before the gun start…I arrived 10mins before the race start, lucky enough to see marvin along the way, who have my race kit… we joined the group while waiting for the signal…glad to see my fellow runners, julie and cherry, ready to run again after the typhoon ondoy…I had a good start however, upon reaching tandang sora flyover, my right knee started to shaken which caused me to slow down and walk…8 walk breaks in total… it was a bad run for me after the rotarun where i pr for sub60, nevertheless I am happy to see my family again especially the 1st time distance finishers…

never ending class picture w/ quezon monument at the background...taken by carlo

find my shoe and win!

doc marvs, myk, globe phone ladies, rico, edu, me and carlo

w/ 21k finishers, parkner nao, cess and art w/ the kenyans

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