Wednesday, September 23, 2009

RotaRun '09

RotaRun '09
September 20, 2009
McKinley Hills, Taguig
Distance: 10K
Target time: Sub60

PR for me…never thought that Rotarun will be a good race after my irregular training. i wasn’t able to follow my training routine for SIM due to high demand of my busy sched, work as always…i decided to stay in the office overnight…1st more accessible than coming all the way from antipolo, 2nd have my human alarm clock, my colleague on duty and 3rd i can easily check new updates in my FB, unlimited internet time…

arrived at the venue around 05:30h. ..saw eire and bryan near the stage waiting for others…after i checked-in my baggage, i joined marga and group, chatted with them while waiting for the gun start for 10k and 15k respectively…

rotarun route was new to me…although i tried this route during urbanite, starting with uphill is need to consume your energy wisely for you to maintain your target pace…happy that I did what is planned and I find it effective, learned it from carly, ang babaeng bakal…to sum it up, I maintained my 6min target pace and reached the finishline in 58.41mins (unofficial), sub60 yuhoo!...winning the seattle’s best coffee gc and discount card in the raffle was a plus….award na itong maituturing. Afterward, i invited hypermarvs which happened to be my kapit-bayan to join the group in post-run carbo loading at mcdo…

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