Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Sole Adventure in Bohol, Philippines

date: october 9-11, 2008
time: dep. mla - tag 0800hdep. tag - mla 1320h
destination: alona beach, panglao, bohol
companion: n/a
things brought: e-ticket, wallet, bag, clothes (board short syempre), towel, toiletries and camera, prayer book and bohol map...useless mobile phone which i turned-off the entire trip...emotions & feelings: worried, excited, calm
things done: swim, dive, countryside tour (habal-habal), commute, haggle, party, eat, drink, massage, contemplate, relax...
people i have met: rudy - the tryk driver, jaque - dive master, eric mouret - my dive instructor, jane and jaila - the clerks, cristina - french diver (phil divers), andoy - the bankero, danny - my habal-habal tour guide, marie - the massage therapist, alex and ms? his partner - strange drinker, dana (american), mark (french) and cristoph (pinoy) - fellow sole traveller, christian, jeck and kayla - travellers in group / partymate...and a lot of nice boholanos...
places i went: alona beach, panglao, blood compact monument, huge phyton, baclayon church, loboc river, loboc church, tarsier sanctuary, chocolate hills, st joseph church, st augustin church, man-made forest, hinagdanan cave, crystal coast sanctuary (diving site)
check out my pics...
diving at crystal coast, panglao, bohol

blood compact, tagbilaran bohol

baclayon church, baclayon, bohol
tarsier sanctuary, sikatuna, bohol

chocolate hills, carmen, bohol
alona beach, panglao, bohol

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